‘Dear John’ Beats Out ‘Avatar’

In Celebrity News, Movies on February 7, 2010 at 7:20 pm

Shocked?? I’m not. It’s about time that blue alien flick got knocked off its pedestal. And it makes it even funnier that it was a sappy chick flick that did it in.

Dear John has become the highest grossing flick over a Super Bowl weekend ever, bringing in more than $32.4 million. The film, starring that one dude from She’s the Man and that one chick from Jennifer’s Body, has beat many experts estimates over the weekend.

The flick had a huge Friday, making more than $13 million, while Avatar only made $6 million (impressively, only a -16% drop). The storms sweeping across the nation may have had an impact on the total grosses for both films, but given the huge lead Dear John creted on Friday, Avatar didn’t have a chance of catching up.

Nice to see sappy, romance novels can still be turned into high grossing films.

That gives you hope, Julia Roberts. That gives you hope.

‘Cause we all know your career needs a resurgance. What’s the last hit flick you had?? Exactly.

dOOr cLoSeD.


(P.S. See full weekend Box Office Gross after the jump)

Thanks to RottenTomatoes.com…
This Week Last Week T-Meter Title Weeks Released Weekend Gross Total Gross Theater Average # Of Theaters
1 new 29% Dear John 1 $32.4M $32.4M $10.9k 2969
2 1 82% Avatar 8 $23.6M $630.1M $7.9k 3000
3 new 34% From Paris With Love 1 $8.1M $8.1M $3k 2722
4 2 55% Edge of Darkness 2 $7M $29.1M $2.3k 3066
5 4 15% Tooth Fairy 3 $6.5M $34.3M $2k 3218
6 3 17% When in Rome 2 $5.5M $20.9M $2.2k 2456
7 5 45% Book of Eli 4 $4.8M $82.2M $1.7k 2820
8 14 93% Crazy Heart 8 $3.7M $11.2M $4.5k 819
9 6 18% Legion 3 $3.4M $34.6M $1.5k 2339
10 8 68% Sherlock Holmes 7 $2.6M $201.6M $1.5k 1805
11 11 70% Blind Side 12 $2.6M $241.6M $1.5k 1740
12 12 90% Up in the Air 10 $2.4M $76.7M $1.5k 1547

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