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Sneak PEEK!

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Wanna check out the new Close the Door, Please?? You know you want to!


OH and by the way, no longer do you have to use closethedoorplease.wordpress.com! That’s friggin’ long!

Just use, closethedoorplease.com ! See much simpler!




Does Anyone Still Watch the Apprentice?

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Please, if you do, come forward and claim no reward.

Umm, who are these people?

I don’t really care to write an entire article about this, so I’m just going to give you the “interesting” parts of this.

dOOr cLoSeD.


Rihanna? Author? Those Two Words Should Never Be Next To Each Other.

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What the hell could this girl possibly have to say? Didn’t she say everything possible in all those damn sit down interviews after the whole Chris Brown situation? Hmmm…

I can write I swear! (Image via/BurningKarma)

According to Amazon.com, Rihanna, you know that one chick who sang about some damn umbrella and got into a little bit of a tuffle with Chris Beat-Her-Down Robinson Brown, has decided that she wants to add author to her growing list of titles.

Wow. What the hell is this book? Her book is titled, “Rihanna: The Last Girl on Earth.”

I’m pretty sure it’s a picture book.

dOOr cLoSeD.


Congrats Are In Order! Matthew McConaughey Welcomes New Baby. The Sex?

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A girl!

Matthew McConaughey, you know that one dude who was in the Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez and other flicks I don’t care for, welcomed a new baby girl to the world on today, Jan. 3rd., with his girlfriend, Camila.

McConaughey (that’s a BITCH to write) went to his website to describe all the deets and share with the world the good news:

Happy New Year everybody!!! On Sunday, Jan. 3rd at 12:13am, Camila gave birth to a healthy 7lb. 7oz. baby girl named “Vida Alves McConaughey”…. Vida is Portuguese for “life” and that’s what God gave us this morning… Camila’s recovering wonderfully and we are both truly honored to welcome this little lady into our family… thanks for all your well wishes and prayers along the way. another blessed day. we give thanks. just keep livin, Matthew and Camila”

Wonder which celebrity magazine will get the first dibs on the baby photos. My guess is People Magazine, cause you know, they own the celebrity world.

dOOr cLoSeD.


Still Can’t Believe It! He Cheated On You, Fergie! With a STRIPPER And You’re Still Kissing Him!

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Umm, I guess you two worked it out, huh? By the looks of it that answer is yes.

Damn, is about to choke her or show love with a kiss? I can't tell. (Image via/TheHollywoodLife)

Fergie and Josh Duhamel, you know that one dude who starred in “Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, were seen ringing in the new year with each other’s lips!

But the year hasn’t been smooth for the couple, with the alleged allegations of Josh Duhamel cheating on Fergie with, get this, a STRIPPER. Although, Fergie has never publicly commented on the situation one would think that she was devastated when she heard the news. But, who knows with her?

Stacie Ferguson, as she’s known to others, is a bit of a wild child with a different mindset than some of us. So, maybe she can forgive cheaters a lot easier than most people. Either way, these two seem to be working it out, albeit with their tongues.

dOOr cLoSeD.


Say No To Man-Boobs, Sincerely John Mayer

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John Mayer is starting a war of his own in 2010: against his man boobs. Why is this news?

I don't see any boobs...Do you?

John Mayer, you know that one dude who used to date Jennifer Aniston and has some sort of musical career I hear, has decided that he is going to start off the new year right, by getting rid of his man boobs. John went to his Twitter account to give the deets:

“I’m all for having boobs against my chest but not when they’re mine.”

My question is when did John Mayer get out of shape. He looked pretty good on the cover of the recent Details magazine, so I don’t understand. I guess with being on tour, living out of hotels can take a toll on your body.

Whatever the case may be, you’re right, John, get rid of them. I do not want to you see in a green bathing suit again (remember that?), only this time your boobs are twice as big. Kind of gross. You should have named your new album, Diet Studies.

dOOr cLoSeD.


Snooki Fired Because of “Jersey Shore”

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We can laugh right? Right? Okay, okay, it’s not exactly what you think, but I still giggle on the inside.

Image via/MTV

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was recently fired from her gig as a bing-eater receptionist at some corporation. When the reality T.V. crazy bitch personality asked for a little time off to go to L.A, her boss gave her a little more free time than she bargained for: she got the pink slip.

Who the hell would want Snooki greeting people in their business office? What the hell? Does she sit there and fist pump, while asking the guests if they want a cup of coffee? God forbid the walls be orange, poor girl would blend in.

Well, all I can say is ticktock ticktock, ’cause sweetie your 15 minutes of fame will be up pretty damn shortly. Then it’s right back to that desk filing papers for the MAN. That is if anyone would take your ass anyway.

On a side note, I wonder if MTV will renew Jersey Shore? I haven’t heard anything about that yet. Usually, when networks feel like they have a hit on their hands they are quick to renew the show. But MTV hasn’t yet and Jersey Shore is, unfortunately, getting a good amount of viewers.

Could it have anything to do with advertisers pulling from the show? Hmm, are their fist pumping days of being on T.V coming to an end? And even if MTV does renew the show, will they keep the same cast or introduce us to another bunch of retards?

dOOr cLoSeD.


HOLY CRAP! “Avatar” Crosses $300 Million Domestically in 15 Days!

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Will this movie ever stop making money? I’m sure when I’m 5o years old, we will still be adding money to this movie’s total box office gross. Jesus, James Cameron, can you not make a hit?

James Cameron’s “Avatar” is showing no sign of slowing down at the box office as it crossed the $300 million mark on New Year’s Eve. Exact figures aren’t known, but some reports put the total box office gross at a staggering $800 million, only after 15 days of release!

Holy crap, Batman! Although the ticket prices are a little bit higher, this film should have no problem of taking the title of the highest grossing film EVER!

Final figures are due, and if “Avatar” has anything to do with it, the current figures will probably be a lot higher than previously expected. This movie is jus growing with more and more buzz everyday. I think this film has a lot of juice left in it and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

dOOr cLoSeD.


Look AT ME! LOOK AT ME! I’m Lindsay Lohan!

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Desperate cry for attention or serious resolution?

Image via/Lindsay Lohan

Lindsey Lohan took to her Twitter account to let the world (or her 200,000 followers and a few people who actually give a rat’s ass) know what her New Year’s resolution was going to be. Lohan “tweeted:”

“To answer everybody’s question…My new years resolution is to stop letting the lucky few that have my heart, try2constantly tear me down…2010 is about moving forward, not backwards. Leaving the bad (people, habbits, and negative energy behind) time to make changes-right!?!? :)”

She then went on to post the above picture of her standing on a yacht, posing…awkwardly? Drunk? Whatever.

How that picture has anything to do with New Year’s or its resolution, I have no friggin idea. But anyway, let’s get ready for more craziness from this witch.

dOOr cLoSeD


Whitney On Crack Again? Just Say No!

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I really hope this is not true. I pray this is not true. After all the hard work you did for your comeback, don’t throw it all way like this.

Reports are showing that Whitney Houston, that one chick who was once married to Bobby Brown, had a string of hit records, then fell to the downfalls of crack only to rise again in 2009, has apparently gone back to her old ways.

Friends close to the singer are saying that they believe Whitney has begun using drugs again due to the pressures of her having a successful comeback. Houston has reportedly begun drinking heavily again and friends know that drugs and alcohol go hand in hand with Houston.

Let’s keep in mind that this is all speculation and their friends only believe she is using. They have no stone cold evidence, so I’m going to take this with a grain of salt. But these sources are saying:

“Whitney seems to go from being a nervous wreck to being completely out of it in a short period of time – just like she did when she was freebasing and using crack cocaine.

Sad. Why can’t people learn to shut their mouths and instead of blabbing to the National Enquirer, try helping a friend in need.

Get better, Whitney and stay away from that pipe. Don’t let me catch you with it. You know if I find out, I’m obliged to tell Oprah.

dOOr cLoSeD.